How to send research for evaluation

  1. After receiving the research by the researcher according to the conditions and instructions mentioned in the web site of the Journal is considered by the editorial board.
  2. After the research is reviewed by the editorial board, it is sent to the editorial members specialized in the fields of accounting, economics, administration and statistics to conduct the initial evaluation of the research. If the research is accepted, it is sent to two scientific reviewers. If the research is rejected, it is returned to the researcher so that he can submit another research for publication.
  3. If the research is accepted by the two reviewers, the acceptance of the publication is accepted. If the research is accepted by one of the reviewer and rejected by the other, it is sent to a third reviewer. If the result of the evaluation is positive, the acceptance of the publication is issued. If the result is negative, a letter of apology is issued for publication .
  4. After all the accepted research procedures have been completed, the publication amount will be sent as mentioned in the Journal’s instructions on the web site.
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